Here’s what my clients say about our work:


The year that working with Bob as my coach has been the best year of my entire life. I feel more content, more fulfilled and more at ease than I have ever done before in my business and in my life.

G. Forsyth, Managing Director


I have been a professional coach for the past 25 years. When I met Bob Buckley, I was hugely impressed. My introductory session with him was so valuable that I signed up IMMEDIATELY to have Bob coach me. The insights I gained are still benefitting me today and I often share the story of our first session when I speak on stage. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him to anyone serious about making breakthroughs in their personal or professional life.

P. Milligan, Executive Coach & Professional Speaker


I cannot thank you enough Bob for the incredible service you have done us… we filled our Mentoring Program with 12 people that signed up in just 2 weeks! Clear, masterful guidance, offered with genuine love and service.” If you get the chance to work with Bob, take it!

– M. Jenkins, Web Designer and Copywriter


I have had such incredible experiences from the conversations with Bob. There is so much honesty and truth, I have become so much clearer about what I need to do in my life to truly grow. Bob helps me find certainty about who I really am.

– T. Rock, Entrepreneur


Thank you, Bob, for helping me get clear on what I wanted to do and for giving me belief I can make more than enough from my business. I’ve doubled my daily revenue since we spoke.

– T. Hoddy, Founder@Piccolissimo